Buying & Leasing

eTrucks are so affordable - you can't afford not  to invest!
Lease or purchase?
Either way, the eTruck is extremely affordable
  • Lease options allow you to benefit from federal tax credits regardless of tax status

  • Lease solutions also allow you to depreciate the truck over the term of ownership

  • After lease period is over (2-5 years), you can turn in your eTruck and get a brand new one with all updated technology and features



  • Tax credits from federal government: $7500 tax credit on every eTruck purchased

  • Many cities and states offer cash rebates on the purchase of an electric truck ranging from $500 - $4000

  • Some states even offer guaranteed 100% financing

  • Some businesses and institutions (types) offer grant funding to help offset the price of the eTruck


  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance

  • We will accept trade-ins and provide a cash discount on the cost of the new eTruck

  • Just about any vehicle is eligible – your trade does not have to be like-for-like (trade a tractor, truck, car or boat)

The eTruck is changing the light truck industry the way the iPhone has changed the world of cellular phones