About Us

eTruck LSV is an organization dedicated to the design, build, marketing & sales of electric low speed vehicles that communities, organizations and individuals can embrace.

Green Transport:

  • Low speed fleet vehicles with "Zero Carbon Footprint (ZCF)" for on-campus use

  • Target organizations include: universities, corporations, state and federal government offices, hospitals, schools, parks, country clubs, major malls and other campus type locations

  • The product utilize Semi-Knock-Down (SKD) elements and high value Made in USA components

  • eTruck LSV presently has an international presence, sourcing opportunities and maintains high quality and integrity

Green Energy:

  • eTruck LSV will match solar collectors to the large, flat surfaces on our "box" trucks to recharge batteries

  • We will continuously source and seek synergies both domestically and internationally

  • Our solar panels are semi-flexible for the design of the truck

The "BIRD" Incubator

(Business, Innovation, Research & Development)

This multi-functional space will serve three primary purposes:

  • Test facilities for developing new products and improving old ones. Our businesses will partner with research universities to test performance and publish results

  • Start-up companies will be offered incubator space, where strengths and innovations can be shared for mutual benefit

  • A "Maker Space" and Education Center will offer hands-on experience for both adults and youth, introducing participants to engineering, manufacturing, design and craftsmanship - and well as a physical space where brainstorming opportunities can be shared